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Name: Karen Street
Location: Berkeley, California

Karen Street has an MSEE from UC, Berkeley. She worked as an electrical engineer for a number of years before becoming a teacher of high school math and physics until 1994, when after losing much of her hearing, she left teaching. On her way to becoming a science writer, she researched the differences between coal and nuclear energy and became aware of the serious threats from climate change. Since then she has worked to raise awareness of these threats through teaching, speaking and writing. Her blog focuses on climate change impacts and major solutions, in particular nuclear power and behavior change, and on evaluating the sources of information we use.

A member of Berkeley Friends Meeting, Karen’s thinking has been shaped by Friends’ testimonies, though she reminds readers no Friend speaks for all Friends.

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  1. Greeting,

    It may behoove you to visit a new website, http://www.hiroshimasyndrome.com. The site touts nuclear energy as one of the options that should be included in the replacement of burning fossil fuels. This possibility is inhibited by a widespread public aversion to all things nuclear and/or associated with radiation. The public’s aversion is based on the perpetuation of misconceptions, all of which can be traced back to the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945.

    The site has experienced an activity growth of 30% to 60% every month since it arrived on search engines in July. Atomic Insights offers, “The Hiroshima Syndrome provides thought provoking reflections on the roots of some of the fears associated with nuclear energy from someone with technical knowledge and experience who has struggled to correct public perceptions.” December promises to be the first month with over a thousand visits (822 in November from more than 45 countries).

    Please give the website a look. You won’t be sorry.

    Leslie Corrice

  2. Karen,

    I have been reading some of your material…It’s great.
    My name is Patrick McCormick and I am developing an internet magazine, an Ezine, to serve as a vehicle for the creative output of a variety of other artists. I need some good, independent, environmental writers. Your material would blend into this new site and help us enlarge its audience. Our magazine will combine news commentary, the literary arts, visual arts, music, podcasts and streaming video. Originality will be our trademark as we seek to find timely, unique and socially relevant subject matter. We are called “The e-Buffet”, please stop by and look at our prototype.

    We are not formally out, but are using the internet to recruit contributors. As a contributing artist, you will have your own page along with the ability to link to your personal site. You are free to sell or distribute from there. You will also receive a percentage of the gross revenue stream as it develops.

    Adding your creative “Force” to our collective force should develop a synergy that is unstoppable.

    Think about it…

    Thank you,

    Patrick McCormick

  3. Frank Jablonski says:

    Karen –

    Could you contact me? I would like you to blog at or cross-post at a blog I am contemplating beginning. I have the domain name “defeatclimatechange” .com and .org. I am a lifelong environmentalist, former general counsel to our state’s (Wisconsin’s) largest environmental group, and a person who changed his mind on nuclear after reconsidering and studying through the issues in about the 2004/5 to 2006/7 time frame.

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