The Progress of My ADD Treatment

Diagnoses come to me long after the illnesses have wrecked my life. I received the label of “Attention Deficit Disorder” a few months back when I asked to be evaluated for it. My psychologist passed the information on to my psychiatrist who put me on Vyvanse.

I like to say that my mood-stabilizers put down a floor that allowed me to put up a house based on healthy changes in my life. Vyvanse created doors and windows that let air and light into the rooms.

The effect of the medication was apparent on the first day. I accomplished many tasks that I had been putting off and kept the motivation going for the rest of the week. When I started running out of things, I looked around the condo and found others to do. I compiled a list of future projects.

One by one, I checked them off and added more.

The chief benefits are these: I have developed a routine that I follow every day, especially first thing in the morning and at bedtime. My desk is uncluttered for the first time in years; and, every night, I set it back to rights after the day’s labors at it. I have organized my camera collection with each camera in its own plastic box. When I take one out to use it, I put it back when I am finished. I pick up the trash that falls next to the trash can. I update my mood chart before I go to bed. My French lessons are going well; I remember and concentrate. And I blog, something that I have not done on a regular basis since I left the halls of mania.

Sleep was my biggest concern when going on Vyvanse. I get to bed at a regular hour and sleep well. Even naps are possible.

Lynn watches me for signs of mania. She has not taken away my credit card or told me not to drive. I haven’t seen any symptoms myself; I number things like fighting with people on the Net, vivid colors, uncontrolled buying, racing thoughts, grandiosity, and lust. So my greatest fears have not been realized.

My eternally mild depression has disappeared. I am calm and at peace.

I judge the experiment a success. But to have had this years ago!



Joel is the founder of DBSA South Orange County. He received a degree in Anthropology from Pomona College, one of Forbes Magazine's ten top undergraduate schools. His manic adventures include traveling to former Yugoslavia during the 1992 war, believing he was the Creator of a messed up Universe, road rages, and running up $40,000 in credit card bills. He lives with his wife, dog, and cat in Trabuco Canyon, California.