We are celebrating Passover and Easter at my in-laws today. Holidays are hard for me. I feel self-conscious. Simple questions, what have you been doing?, trip me up. Being around people, putting on the game face, wears me out. I so want to stay home and hide under the covers.

At the Seder, we go around the table reading. I hate this. I feel like people are watching me when it is my turn. My husband likes it. He leads the reading and there is a great meal after.

For Easter we do an egg hunt. That part isn’t so bad because it is all focused on the kids.

Mentally, I think I am doing pretty well, just some anticipatory anxiety.


My name is Lori. I am a wife and mother. My children are teenagers. I work as a peer mentor and volunteer for NAMI. I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type

One thought on “Holidays

  1. Easter has become a non-holiday for us. Lynn is a Quaker and Quakers don’t make much of holidays in general and I am agnostic which means that it doesn’t mean much to me except baked ham. We don’t go anywhere except maybe out for a hike, we don’t see anyone. It’s rather sad when you think about it but that is our life.

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