In transition

This coming Tuesday will make two weeks that I have officially been unemployed. It will also make my first in person job interview (after four phone interviews, one being the one that got me to the in person interview). On the whole, I think I’m getting a good response so far. It does mean, though, that most of my focus has been on keeping myself going with job search activities. There’s a post that I’ve been meaning to write here, that has nothing to do with the job search, and I’m not sure I’ll get it written until I’ve found that next job. So I’ll talk about the job search.

Parts of it come naturally to me; those would be the parts that involve organization and research. Other parts don’t; those would be the parts that involve being extroverted and putting myself out there. But I have to keep going with all of it. That means striking a certain balance between getting out there, and putting in, well, hours of job search related activity every day, and finding things that give me respite. Like reading, and singing.

What things give you respite?


Married for half my life to someone who lives with bipolar disorder. I live in California and work with computers.