Checking in

I’d like to check it since it has been a while.

The only news to report is my depression has been continuing. I’m in a transition in my therapy, which may have something to do with it. I left my old therapist months ago. She was capable and well-meaning, but did not have any expertise in bipolar. I felt our sessions were going nowhere.

I recently began working with another therapist, but due to work commitments, have not had a consistent schedule with her. I’m trying to settle into a regular routine with her. So far, my therapy has been ineffective due to this inconsistency. But she is a good therapist with experience with bipolar. So I am trying to be hopeful.

Another source of instability is the fact that I am still in between psychiatrists. My psychiatrist was excellent. But he left private practice. And I’ve been looking for a new one for months.

I tried a well-respected psychiatrist for a while. But it took ages to get an appointment with him. I had to see his RN first. Then I was told I could see him at a later date. But just before that later date, I received a call informing me that I would once again have to meet with an RN. So rescheduled for a month out.

Finally, I met with the his eminence in the flesh. And what a disappointment. The epitome of the disengaged, aloof psychiatrist that one finds sometimes in the field. The entire session last for no more than 5 minutes, which is remarkable giving that I was seeing him for the first time. (Short sessions are sometimes appropriate for follow-ups if there’s not much to discuss.)

He stared at his computer for the first few minutes. Then told me he was upping my medication. Almost no consultation. He asked me one or two questions. That’s it.

It was an enormous letdown.

So now I’ve located another shrink. I will see him in a month. He wasn’t available sooner, unfortunately. I need a change in my meds now though. So I will have to suffer for another month unfortunately. Not sure what I can do at this point.

I’ll update later.



I am a father of the most precious three year old and a beautiful wife. And don't forget the cat. She won't like it. I have bipolar, probably type I. The past is coming into focus and the future seems possible.