Introducing myself

Hi. I promised Joel that I’d blog here at least once a month. It probably won’t be much more than that, between my job and my volunteer work and miscellaneous other things. But I do have a book review that I want to get up within the next couple of days.

I have been married for nearly half my life to someone who lives with bipolar disorder. I myself am mostly neurotypical; I went through some episodes of depression (with definite provoking incidents) when I was much younger, and was even briefly hospitalized, once, very long ago, but some people do manage to recover from depression and stay stable without medication, and I have been lucky enough to be one of them. Cognitive therapy helped some there, and I may write about that later.

In college I majored in psychology at a school whose psychology department was strong in experimental psychology, with the clinical classes in the department having a cognitive behavioral orientation. I didn’t continue in that field, though. Instead, I’ve held various computer jobs: system administration, technical support, software development, and software quality assurance. At this point, I can tell you a lot more about computers than I can about psychology, but computers aren’t the topic of this blog, so you probably won’t hear computer stuff from me here.



Married for half my life to someone who lives with bipolar disorder. I live in California and work with computers.