Post Partum Psychosis in news TW graphic

A mom who beheaded baby had been diagnosed in January with PPP and was not supposed to be alone with the baby. This is what Andrea Yates had and she was supposed to be supervised.

I know we with mental illnesses are rarely dangerous but when you are told we might harm someone, please listen. These were tragedies that didn’t need to happen.

I think my family overreacted. They took me away from my children for a couple of weeks after a psychotic break. I wasn’t dangerous. But, I do understand they were trying to protect them.


My name is Lori. I am a wife and mother. My children are teenagers. I work as a peer mentor and volunteer for NAMI. I have been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type

2 thoughts on “Post Partum Psychosis in news TW graphic

  1. There was a recent case of a woman in India who killed her three daughters because she thought they were hindering her from having a son. The husband was putting no pressure on her. She, too, had spent time in an institution.

    What do we do to prevent these incidents? Our best. We don’t overkill and start locking up everyone who has PPD or any other illness, but watch and listen to each patient. I suspect the woman in India talked about her grief and its connection to her daughters. But let’s not fault psychiatrists if they cannot make the call every time.

  2. I agree with you 100%. I mean in cases of post partum psychosis when it has been determined they are a danger to the child. In this case she had been ordered to stay away, but she moved back in.

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