A Quick Update On Abaven Before The Big Intersectionality Post

Alright. So, readers seem to want to know how my autism and bipolar interact with each other. I will address this on the first.

I understand that this is first and foremost a blog about mental illness. However, something important happened to my relationship with Abaven. I decided I couldn’t wait until the first to tell you. And since I did mention Abaven in my maiden post, I would like to give you a short update.

I saw Abaven last Saturday. We visited a friend in the hospital, and then took a very long walk around a certain outdoor mall. After that, we went out for burgers at In ‘n’ Out. And over the course of all this, I realized something.

I do not think i’m in love with Abaven, and it would be a mistake to act as if I was. I am extremely comfortable around him, yes, but that doesn’t translate to being in love. I can talk to him about almost anything, and he won’t judge or be stern. If he rebukes, he does it so gently that I don’t feel too bad. And it’s a blessing to have someone like that in my life. In the unlikely situation that he asked me to marry him, I might say yes, because even though i’m not in love with him, he’s very near and dear to my heart. I would be honored to spend the rest of his life with him. But that’s probably not going to happen. Better to be on the lookout for someone with Abaven’s qualities.

Enough about him for now, see you all on the first!