Depression doesn’t just hurt, it kills

Who on this earth has not felt the pangs of despair, sorrow and pain associated with a loss of some sort? It is usually temporary and associated with the stages of grief. Don’t let this fool you, this is not Depression, and you are not Depressed.

Depression often comes without an event or trigger. It is a state of low mood that has caused one too many deaths by way of suicide. As I have often heard people say, “It is all in your head, snap out of it”, yes, it is true, it is all in my head, it is the neurotransmitters in my brain that are causing this. Care to learn more? The answer is usually no.

And, even though I take my meds on a daily basis, at the same time, Depression can strike at any moment, much to my dismay and that of my family. My only relief and savior from Depression has been my writing. I find that when I write while in a state of Depression, it helps to heal my mood. Lately, I have also tried exercise, after taking the advice of a friend. It is an arduous task to get myself up out of the funk that I am in and into the doors of the local gym. But somehow, I manage, and in reality I feel all the better for it. Exercise really truly does improve mood, at least for me.

This post is not meant as a guideline for things to do when feeling Depressed; they are more like suggestions for when you find yourself in this low mood. Please remember that there are a million alternatives to ending your life even when in the depths of despair, try one, try all of them, please.