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JoelS JoelS is the administrator of Bipolar Winds. graduated from Pomona College -- one of Forbes Magazine's ten top undergraduate schools -- with a degre... More >

WilliamG Hi everyone, you can call me Will. I'm a 23 year old male, born and raised in Canada. At the age of 19 I immigrated to the US, which as you can imag... More >

Bipolarman I live in the south west of Great Britain in the county of Cornwall. I am 40 years old and diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disease two years ago.... More >

Laura Culross Born in 1964 (a Leo!), I grew up in northern Indiana occupied with reading, camping, band, and playing for hours on end with my brothers. Currently, I... More >

Olivia Rodriguez I consider myself to be a Bipolar Survivor; a woman who was diagnosed with Bipolar I at age 20 after a manic episode, which was in all aspects, a text... More >

Neesa Sunnar Author... More >


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