Mark Lynas repudiates his position on GM crops

In a talk (link includes transcript) to the Oxford Farming Conference, Lynas apologizes for and reputes his high-profile previous position on genetically modified food.

He explained the underlying reason for his shift: he began adding science to his climate change work, denigrating those relying on poor quality reports. At some point, he was challenged to begin reading high level reports on GM.

He doesn’t repute organic farming (his parents, who are organic farmers, approved his speech!), but he does point out that organic techniques lead to greater land use, and thus lower biodiversity.

His talk is worth listening to. What do you think?

2 Responses to “Mark Lynas repudiates his position on GM crops”

  1. Joffan says:

    Hi Karen… it’s a rare thing for someone to backtrack on a publicly held position like this, practically speaking to disown their former identity. Lynas has shown immense courage and done a great deal of good on both GMO and nuclear by leading the way away from error.

    …and the word you were looking for in the title was “repudiates”.

  2. Karen Street says:

    Thanks, I think it started with that and will make the change back!