US Diplomacy: Science Envoys to Muslim World

Three prominent US scientists were recently named by Secretary Clinton as special envoys to assess potential for assessing potential for scientific partnerships with Muslim-majority countries, according to an article in the November 13, 2009 Science (subscription needed).

Ahmed Zewail
picture credit Ahmed H. Zewail, Nobel Prize winner in chemistry at Cal Tech, whose early degrees come from Egypt’s Alexandria University, plans to travel to the Middle East next month.

Elias Zerhouni
picture credit Elias Zerhouni, radiologist, former direction of the National Institutes of Health. Zerhouni graduated from Algiers Medical School.

Bruce Alberts
picture credit Bruce Alberts, former president of the US National Academy of Sciences and current editor-in-chief of Science. As NAS president, Alberts helped create and co-chaired InterAcademy Council.

Obama in June promised to establish at least three “centers of excellence” in the Middle East, North Africa, and Muslim-majority regions in Africa. There are 57 Muslim-majority countries.

Even more encouraging, the State Department has a goal of increasing science capacity in the department and at embassies, providing science and technology capable diplomats around the world.

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