Middle school climate change teaching materials to be developed

Project 2061 has received funding to develop teaching materials for climate change. Over the next 3 years, scientists, teachers, and others will work together to produce materials that will be made available online for free.

The team will use data collected by NASA and NOAA on global observations of oceans, atmosphere, land surface, and the biosphere. The team will also address common misconceptions that many students have about key ideas related to climate and climate change.

“We think that these kinds of activities—missing from most textbooks—can make a big difference in both motivating students and in helping them understand important science ideas,” [Jo Ellen] Roseman [director of Project 2061] said.

2 Responses to “Middle school climate change teaching materials to be developed”

  1. Kim says:

    You would be great at writing material for schools.

  2. Karen Street says:

    From a former student!!!!