The Nuclear Energy Debate among Friends: Another Round

Check out The Nuclear Energy Debate among Friends: Another Round, in the July 2009 Friends Journal. The online version includes footnotes and links.

This a response to the responses to an earlier article, A Friend’s Path to Nuclear Power . Some of the comments left here were also published in Friends Journal.


4 Responses to “The Nuclear Energy Debate among Friends: Another Round”

  1. forrest curo says:

    “There was an old lady who swallowed a fly;
    I don’t know why
    she swallowed the fly… … ….

    There was an old lady who swallowed a cow;
    I don’t know how
    she swallowed the cow”

    but everyone with a cow for sale
    affirmed that eating cows was perfectly safe
    and necessary
    for eating the dogs
    and cats
    and mice
    and spiders
    required by any person who just had to
    go on eating flies!

    “There was an old lady who swallowed a horse;
    she died, of course.”

  2. Nate Swift says:

    As with any controversial topic, there has been a fair amount of hysteria proulgated. I think it is finally a time when we can all look at the alternatives rationally. Perhaps few of us are really excited about nuclear energy per se, but really need to examine it in the light of the alternatives.

  3. Karen Street says:

    I’ve heard from a couple of people who intend to use the two articles in reading group discussions. If you go this route, could you report back how the sessions go?

    Nate thanks for your comment. Forest, I totally agree that if we continue eating fossil fuels, the results will be scary.

  4. Victor Vaughen says:

    Thank you, Karen Street! Your two articles in FJ have brought together the many facets of the controversy about the risks and benefits of Nuclear Power. I appreciate your clear explanations of the technical and ethical bases you used to work out your conclusions. (I worked for 30+ years as an engineer at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory working on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy (nuclear fuel cycle R&D, R&D of waste forms, isotope preparations, etc.) and greatly appreciate the seeking that lead to your two articles.)

    I have retired to Foulkeways in Pennsylvania and am looking into having a program on this topic for our Current Issues Committee in the Spring. I would appreciate your establishing contact with me. Thanks.