back to blogging

This year I’ve been considering what climate change work I want to do, what to focus on, what new projects to take on.

That introspection is not the only reason I stopped posting. This year, many I know died, from some I barely knew, to those I knew well, and loved. Some deaths were expected, or not unexpected, while a couple were a shock.

Here’s to Pat and Alex, Monte and Norval, Carol and Carla, Jeanne and Bob, Bernie and Ros, and all the rest.

One Response to “back to blogging”

  1. Karen, How blessed we all are to have your fine and intelligent spirit among us. I thank you for your deep thoughts, your intellectual integrity and your willingness to See the Light in a New Light. Very nice. We have a great challenge before us.

    The word NUCLEAR even when pronounced correctly does stir up a whole lot of associations. None of which are good. However, we can hear the voices of change particularly when a dedicated and mighty Quaker like your own self ‘speaks truth to power’: “You know we ought to have another look at this. Maybe Nuclear is not a dirty word. Just maybe the blessings that many have hoped for might yet serve the greater good.

    But how do we ‘just keep on keep’n on’ against such gloomy odds? Well, maybe we can all follow in your leadings – ‘we do the next right thing’.
    Yours Karen is a Light House of Power. Keep on Shining. Bless you for your fine work and your focused dedication.

    In the Great Spirit,