Lighting the Way — nuclear power

One more comment from the InterAcademy Council report Lighting the Way: Toward a Sustainable Energy Future, because there was so much discussion of the nuclear portion.

In the case of nuclear power it is fair to say that understanding of the technology and of the potential developments that could mitigate some of the concerns reviewed above—both among the public and among policymakers—is dated. A transparent and scientifically driven re-examination of the issues surrounding nuclear power and their potential solutions is needed.

Perhaps politicians would be willing to put their anti-nuclear power decisions on hold while we wait for this report?

One Response to “Lighting the Way — nuclear power”

  1. Joffan says:

    I regretfully forecast that any such study would have almost no effect. Pressure groups and politicians have a remarkable facility for ignoring information that is at odds with their preferred view of the world. Evidence for my pessimism is not hard to find.