Germany keeps adding coal power

Third world countries are adding coal power, the US is adding coal power, and Germany is adding coal power. Note about article: it appears that the greenhouse gas emissions cited only refer to the actual burning of coal, and do not include life cycle costs. While these vary by region, British analysis shows a low emissions of 970 g/kWh, and a high GHG cost of 1,300 g/kWh.

German coal
German coal

Germany has an installed capacity of 20.6 GW wind, with a capacity factor of about 20%. So these windmills produce as much electricity as 4.1 GW windmills running at maximum all day long.

Currently 26 coal plants are under construction or are planned in Germany. Assuming 70% capacity factor, assuming 600 MW/plant (does anyone have the German numbers?), if 26 plants are built, Germany will have added 16 GW in new coal capacity, equivalent to 11 GW running at maximum all day long.

Not a good trend, adding decades in new coal power, even if some of today’s more inefficient coal plants are closed.

3 Responses to “Germany keeps adding coal power”

  1. This anti-nuclear idiocy is a gift to humanity from the German Green Party. Lets all give it up for the Greens!

  2. Karen Street says:

    Gerhard Schroeder, who banned media comments on whether he dyes his hair, is the Social Democrat who as Chancellor implemented the nuclear phaseout policy. Nuclear power plants which are expected to last 60 years in the US will be phased out after 32 years in Germany, and replaced by coal, coal, coal.

    It isn’t just the Greens, but there are politicians of all stripes who get their money from fossil fuel interests.

  3. […] Well, except France, of course, since they rank as one of the lowest first world countries in terms of greenhouse emissions per capita, and also Sweden, with their combination of nuclear and hydroelectric power generation.   But countries like Germany, where they’re building wind turbines almost as fast as they’re building coal burners are… […]