Movement grows to get us out of our cars

Concerns about obesity (Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota), higher gasoline prices and climate change have led to money grants and

(c)ommunity workshops on strategies for making it safer and more inviting to walk or bike

according to today’s Star-Tribune.

Lots of practical details are being addressed.

Bus with Bike Rack
Bus with Bike Rack makes bicycling more attractive for longer trips or when rain threatens.

2 Responses to “Movement grows to get us out of our cars”

  1. Debby says:

    Friends who are struggling to let go of their cars might want to check out the British site: or this site:


  2. Hello Karen –

    Thanks for this post! I’ve done 10KM walks in quite a few towns, and I’ve found that the most livable, nice places are those where parkland has been planned in coordination with bicycle and pedestrian routes. I’ve been on a number of “Rails-to-Trails” paths and some other systems that involved interconnected parkland.

    The crime rate in such places is quite low, because the paths and parkds bring the community together.

    Great to see ya blogging! Happy Spring!