Saving Energy at Home

Reducing energy use in the world will require mandates, but it will also require billions of individual good decisions. Links to help reduce the work in doing good:

â—¦ Home Energy Saver
â—¦ Energy-Saving Resources–Home
â—¦ Energy Star energy efficient appliances, home improvements, and building design
â—¦ Choosing Energy Efficient Products
â—¦ Energy Efficient Windows
â—¦ Consumer Energy Information
â—¦ Power Smart
â—¦ Energy Efficiency: First Things First
â—¦ Energy Efficient Home Articles

One Response to “Saving Energy at Home”

  1. Gail Eastwood says:

    Hi Karen,

    Thanks for posting these resources. They look like good starting places for my modest community initiative in reducing greenhouse gases. I’m experiencing that the small number of people and organizations I’ve contacted so far are ready to move, but may need basic information on how to reduce their footprint. I’m talking about mostly the easy stuff: change your lightbulbs, turn down the water heater, insulate the attic. Small steps, but they add up, and they get people empowered and involved.