Pictures While I Vacation

I’ll be posting irregularly over the next week+, and may be slow in checking your comments. Some pictures of places I love in California:

Muir Woods
Muir Woods

Sea Lions at Big Sur — a 5-day bicycle trip from Berkeley. Sea lions often kept me company on the road south; I heard their barking for days.
Sea Lions at Big Sur

Samuel Taylor State — a nearby destination for a bicyclist, or a stopover going north.
Samuel Taylor State Park

California (and everywhere else?) has hike and bike campsites. Anyone who arrives by foot or bicycle can camp for $3 – 5.

Have you hiked or biked to or in a place of beauty? Include a picture in your comment.

One Response to “Pictures While I Vacation”

  1. Rod Adams says:

    Thanks for bringing back some great memories with your pictures from your California bike trip.

    I still ride the bike that I bought in the early days of mountain bikes (1985-1987) while living at Point Sur, a former Navy monitoring site, while attending school in Monterey.

    I used to ride along Route 1 almost every day and often left the road for some great trail riding through trees like the ones in your photos.

    Here is a photo from one of my more recent rides: