China: 21st vs 19th Century Technology

WeSupportLee always has excellent and interesting posts. A recent one looks at nuclear power vs coal power in China.

China, which is very careless of coal miners and people with lungs, appears to be running a first world nuclear power program.

WeSupportLee also has had several posts following changing attitudes towards nuclear power in Australia. I haven’t been able to follow all of the names, but there appears to be a strong connection for some Labor politicians between their support of the coal industry, or vice versa, and their stated concerns about nuclear power safety. This is of course true of some American politicians as well.

One point that struck me as an American — the most recent report points to flaws in Australian teaching about nuclear energy, and they want to fix this. In the US, we have no national control of science teaching, so far as I know.

One Response to “China: 21st vs 19th Century Technology”

  1. Ruth says:

    Thanks for the links!

    I’m not sure that Australia has a national science curriculum – from reading the report, it looked like there may be some differences in the Australian states regarding science teaching.

    You’re indeed correct that here in the U.S. there are no national standards. Back in the 1960s, Hyman Rickover wrote about this and was concerned about poor academic standards in the schools.

    I breezed through my high school, but Calculus 101 and O-chem in college were whole other ball games. Some of the other students were much better prepared for the rigorous problem-solving.