Talking with Family

Lots of good comments and questions to the previous post on cutting our own greenhouse gas emissions, and I will address a couple of the points raised soon.

Several people have talked to me recently about the frustration of communicating with family members about the importance of climate change. What are your experiences, and do you have recommendations?

in talking with your own children, and with your generation and older…

One Response to “Talking with Family”

  1. Trish Zimmerman says:

    I am trying to promote recyling behavior in my adult children by educating their children.
    Neither of my children recycle. This is why I chose to go through my grandhildren. My oldest (8) had not heard of the concept but was very interested as I told him about the different ways recycling helps us to save energy. Two weeks later, My daughter-in-law, who is a teacher, told me she would have to begin recycling. She didn’t say what prompted this, but I suspect questions from her son probably played a part.

    We all have to begin somewhere. Questions to her from me didn’t seem, to change any behavior. Her son, on the other hand, made a difference…Trish Zimmerman