8 Week Carbon Diet

Visiting Doonesbury, I saw the Slate Green Challenge: beginning October 23, we are invited to reduce our carbon emissions 20% over an 8 week period, from our current level. This includes the Thanksgiving holiday, so some of us will need to use mass transit to get to our holiday feast.

The numbers Slate uses are not correct, but the concept is — let us know if you take the Challenge, your successes and difficulties, and whether the feelings tend to joy or resentment. If you don’t want to take the Challenge, why? Share what you learn about yourself and the process with the rest of us.

We have as much to learn from your feelings as your tips on how to reduce emissions fast.

My answer: my big reductions in greenhouse gas emissions need to be made during summer travel, so the timing is wrong.

A large set of interesting comments on Reducing Our Own Emissions 10%, including Wendy’s on the big changes in attitudes and behaviors in her Quaker Meeting.

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