Changes We Expect to See

I’ve received one answer so far re what changes we can expect to see when, from someone in her 30s: hopefully, a quick reduction in greenhouse gas emissions so that changes will taper off. She doesn’t know what changes are happening or are expected.

Others? What changes do you expect by 2020? by 2050? by 2100?

What changes will be inevitable by 2020? by 2050? by 2100? even if they occur later.

One Response to “Changes We Expect to See”

  1. Trish says:

    It is so difficult for me to look into the future and make predictions about what will happen when. I do, however, believe that my grandchildren will see a different world map than we see now. At that point, they will all be in their 20’s. They are now 8, 4, 2.
    Perhaps there will be coastal changes and loss of some islands.