Politicians in Denial

The ever respectful Dana Milbank covers the issue of fuel economy and politician’s cars. Surprisingly, these politicians use their cars to go distances of 1 – 2 blocks, and their aides keep the cars idling meanwhile. To keep the air conditioning on? Doesn’t DC have air pollution? When you drive 30 minutes, 90% of the pollution is produced in the first minute or two.

Both California senators come in at under 20 mpg.

Actual mileage may be 10 – 30% lower than EPA calculations.

Another Washington Post article examines which fuel economy tips help and which make little difference. Not surprisingly, lower speeds and more moderate accelerations are the big winners. Not listed, but important to our legislators, both idling and short trips also reduce fuel economy.

Lots of comments on gasoline prices, I will respond and post more as time permits.

One Response to “Politicians in Denial”

  1. Ruth Seeley says:

    Idling seems to me to be a big problem for public transit also. I regularly get a bus at the beginning of its route at a subway stop in Philadelphia. Signs were posted last year about not allowing idling–but many buses still do it. Until the supervisors or alert members of the riding public call them on this, it will continue to be a problem.