Evangelical Climate Initiative

Check out the evangelical statement on climate change, reasons, and suggested actions.

Claim 1: Human-Induced Climate Change is Real
Claim 2: The Consequences of Climate Change Will Be Significant, and Will Hit the Poor the Hardest
Claim 3: Christian Moral Convictions Demand Our Response to the Climate Change Problem
Claim 4: The need to act now is urgent. Governments, businesses, churches, and individuals all have a role to play in addressing climate change starting now.

On their action page, they site three crucial steps: pray, study, and act.

They have suggestions for individuals and family members, church leaders and members. citizens and community members. For examples, suggestions for individuals and family members include praying that God will help all of us become aware of and address this problem, especially our leaders; studying; staying informed; and changing one’s life. I really can’t disagree with any of their priorities.

There are also links to learn more about the science, eg, to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and to the What Would Jesus Drive? group.

They stress that they are not liberals, nor yet working with environmentalists, but are open to working with people of goodwill. I hope that these conversations begin soon. There is too much work to be done to try to do it separately.

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