Senate and Climate Change/AGU meeting

SceinceInsider, put out by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has a series on The Climate in the Senate. While 60 Senate votes are needed for climate change legislation, 67 are needed for a treaty. No one finds that scenario likely.

There are a number of bloggers reporting on the annual American Geophysical Union meeting. One, at Nature’s Climate Feedback, includes an interview with climatologist Steve Schneider (OK, that’s Copenhagen), and a report that whatever is happening with the Greenland glaciers, speeding glacier loss, it’s not all that increased meltwater lubricating the bases. Time to change my slides.

The AGU blog roll is here. There’s one on contrails,

In 2005, aviation represented 3.5 percent of anthropogenic radiative forcing, up to 4.9 percent if you include cloudiness caused by the contrails. Future contrail impacts could be two to three times higher by 2050, a 20 percent increase per decade.

one on What Does More Atmospheric Carbon Mean for Plants? discussing the complex interplay between nitrogen deposition and carbon sequestration.

one on sea level rise in the SF Bay Area

plus discussions of a number of other geophysical topics, including earthquakes, volcanos and Mars. One, Would Finding ET Collapse Religions?, discusses a challenge that may face Earthlings soon, as astronomers improve their ability to find smaller planets.

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