Feelings, motivations, and benefits

While I intend to continue posting on science and policy issues, I will try an experiment, occasional posts on

• the feelings that come up for me when I read about the science, or
• consider changes in my own life,
• what motivates me to act for the environment in how I live and the work, and
• the long-term benefits I see in myself from changes originally made for the environment.

I saw myself reading the what is likely to go wrong portion of the IPCC Synthesis Report in the eyes-glazed-over, skim-for-the-occasional-detail mode. Unlike policy options, these kinds of posts get few comments, possibly because others are reading or avoiding reading in the same way I did this time. In a previous post, Friends, our Integrity Testimony, and climate change, I asked Friends and others to consider where we get our information, to reach agreement intellectually on the parameters for the discussion.

Now I want to post occasionally on the emotional aspects. We share common emotional reactions to what is happening, and to the prospect of changing ourselves. We do not share in the same proportion grief, joy, resentment, acquiescence. But we do share these feelings and others. I am interested in hearing from you.

My next post will be on my reaction to the IPCC Summary report. Or lack of reaction.


more joy
more joy

symphony of grief
Symphony of Grief

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