New poll shows differing interest in addressing climate change

A new poll asks people from various countries:

Agree or disagree
Human activity is a significant cause of climate change.

It is necessary to take major steps soon.

Support or oppose
Wealthy countries give financial assistance and technology to less wealthy countries that agree to limit their emissions.

In the US, 71% believe human activity is a significant cause of climate change. Of the countries surveyed, only Turkey (70%), Egypt (66%), and India (47%) scored worse.

In the US, 59% support major steps very soon, tying us with Turkey. A number of countries scored worse: Kenya (53%), Nigeria and Germany (50%), Russia and Egypt (43%), South Korea (48%), and India (37%).

In the US, 70% support providing support to less wealthy countries. A plurality in three countries oppose limiting emissions at all in less wealthy countries: Egypt (53%), Nigeria (50%), and Italy (49%).

I’m not surprised by German lackadaisical attitudes toward climate change; they seem to be heavily invested in opposing nuclear power and preventing speed limits on the Autobahn. Australians’ and Americans’ new-found interest is heartening. Based on the response of the Indian public, it appears that more general education is important.

More general education would probably benefit discussion in most of the countries — in only 3 countries do 85%+ support major steps soon: Spain (91%), Italy (86%), and France (85%). No wonder so many governments are having trouble reaching agreement on solutions.

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