Mechanical Engineering for the public

I would have expected a magazine devoted to mechanical engineering to go beyond my abilities to understand. Mechanical Engineering, however, is written in clear prose, with really useful graphs.

April’s issue focuses on plug-in hybrids, coal for fuel cells, reducing smog from biodiesel (biofuels, plants used to make fuels, are major NOx emitters), and Carbon Loaded. See this article for a brief summary of the Stern Review, and for its clear graphics, including where GHG emissions in the US come from.

The magazine has boucoup articles on other subjects. Heads Up looks at why dinosaurs have sinuses. Put a nozzle on it examines the advantages and disadvantages of serrated exhaust exits to reduce airplane noise. A biography of Szilard, No Einstein, includes the Szilard-Einstein effort to find a safer alternative to ammonia refrigerators. Their work was never used — the discovery of freon led to today’s refrigerator.

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