We must live under a rock

I asked my “under a rock” question of three people in Berkeley Friends Meeting yesterday.

One will come to the June 4 Called Meeting on the Environment with a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece from Richard Lindzen. For more on Lindzen, see this and this and this description of how he welshes on bets. I haven’t read the actual Lindzen piece as it requires a subscription.

Another believes worse case, Greenland’s glaciers will melt this century (this is not a published worst case scenario, worst case in the 2007 IPCC will probably be on the order of 2 – 3 m sea level increase rather than 7 m); he detects no sense of urgency among Friends.

A third has heard few talk about climate change, mostly me, so she doesn’t know what people think. It’s important when someone listening to the pulse of the Meeting can’t find a climate change pulse.

I also asked a friend, someone not very involved in environmental issues. Everyone she knows except her elderly parents thinks climate change is important, but they are still used to talking about gas prices and such, so whatever wisdom exists in the head has yet to show up as behavior change or change in speech.

If you have a different experience, I’m interested in hearing more.

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