US – China climate change conference

UC, Berkeley will host a US-China climate change conference May 23 – 24.

From their site:

Participants include:

• Steven Chu, 1997 Nobel Prize winner in physics and director of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
• John P. Holdren, a Harvard University professor of environmental policy and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
• Inez Fung and Dan Kammen, co-directors of the UC Berkeley Institute for the Environment
• George Akerlof, UC Berkeley professor of economics and 2001 winner of the Nobel Prize in economics
• Terry Tamminen, former chief of California Environmental Protection Agency
• Speakers from China’s State Environmental Protection Administration, its national oil company, major universities, and other governmental panels
• Representatives of major insurance, venture capital and energy companies, including Royal Dutch Shell

Al Gore will speak separately at 7 PM, tickets are $10. The main conference, all two days, is free.

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