Does this incessant CA rain come from global warming?

I’ve been asked this a couple of times, and my answer is best summed up as “I don’t know.”

First: is this incessant rain (by northern California standards) climate change? While many areas in northern California broke March records for numbers of days of rain or/and the amount of rain (and it’s still raining), would the rain have looked less impressive if we had compared 31 day periods that center on March, such as February 25 to March 28? Dunno

If this is climate change, is it because of global warming?

Another dunno. Climate models predict that the type of weather we call normal will shift, or in some cases, change precipitously (Alaska’s several degree warming in the last 50 years almost all occurred in 1977). These models also predict that deviations from the new normal will be more extreme than has been true in recent years.

Does anyone know more about this?

Do any of the readers live in areas where the climate definitely is changing?

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