Guest Blogs

Many others have important perspectives that need to be brought to the table. Ellen wrote me to say that she was citing the Making Transit Work blog, and forwarded her piece to me. I like it because Ellen is considering how to live with fewer cars, and why. So read what reducing the number of family cars entails for one person in Austin.

If you have a contribution on changes in the environment or changes in ourselves, please leave a comment letting me know.

Comments that go beyond praise and nays Both comments to the previous post on war and oil point out wars and conflicts larger than the Iran-Iraq war that led to extended to conflict over oil. Important additions.

Re peak oil: I discussed this in previous blogs, basically, oil production is still rising, absent shutdowns due to oil conflict, and almost everyone in energy policy or climatology or biology or other –gies is considerably more worried about the carbon emissions than the peak of oil production, as alternatives exist to oil.

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